Monday, July 03, 2006

The myth of addiction

(Another oldie, placed here for future reference.)

"Addiction" is as much a mythical concept as "God" or "State" -- inventions created by humans. Fiction. Something people made up. And because the fantasy is so damn pleasant, they all agree on it. But agreeing on it doesn't make it real.

Wether you kill "for the Fuhrer" or "for the glory of God" or "because the Party said so" or "to feed your Addiction": all you're doing is appealing to some fictional entity outside yourself as a motivator or generator for your actions. An attempt to deny the responsibility for your own doings and undoings. You desperately try to deny the personal responsibility for the morality of every single thing you say and do, for every thing that goes into and comes out of you.

Nobody has ever "been addicted" against their will. Every human being always has the choice to do XYZ or to not do XYZ. And then they have the choice to do or not do it a second time. And a third time. The consequences are either known to you or otherwise you're knowingly doing an experiment and will learn of the consequences. And at all times it is entirely up to yourself; the decision is yours at all times.

YOU are in the driver's seat and nobody else. In particular not mythical entities that people have invented outside themselves for the express purpose of absolving themselves of the responsibility of their actions.

"I couldn't help it, I was addicted". "I was only following orders". "It was the will of god". "I thought it was horrible, personally, but it was for the best of the Party." All these are the same statement. They are the perennial statement of the Nazi black-boot, the communist thug, the mafia killer, the christian murderer. The sub-human pigs who are so desperate to deny the personal responsibility for their actions that they invent entities outside themselves to take the blame.


At 3:10 PM, Blogger Clarke Lester said...

smoke crack for a couple of weeks and see what happens then


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