Saturday, June 24, 2006

Unintelligent Design

Enough has been written about the current attempt to resurrect the argument from design by prefixing it with the term "intelligent" that there doesn't seem to be the need for me to add to the body of writing. However there is an aspect to this that seems to have escaped many people so I figured I'd eludicate it here for future reference.

The vast majority of people are not self-aware. Amongst other things, this means that they have no idea what words actually mean -- they merely string words together by certain syntactic rules without any kind of awareness or appreciation for the fact that words are utterly meaningless symbols and that all perceived meaning happens inside the head of a self-aware being, not in a jumble of letters. That's why they think one can define things into or out of existence - but that is a ramble for another time.

One word that the majority of people cannot adequately define is "intelligence". People use the word as if it meant something to them, but ask them what exactly the meaning of that word might be and you're going to get a shrug.

What does "intelligent" design really mean and how would it be different from unintelligent design? The standard cop-out is that "intelligent" is something along the lines of "kinda like me/us" maybe with the added afterthought of "but not like that rock over there".

The problem with the definition of "kinda like me" is that this immediately leads unintelligent people to imagine that intelligent people are as unintelligent as they are. Pretty much by definition.

Once you let that sink in, there's suddenly a whole new dimension to the whole "intelligent design" notion: since christians are merely brainless, mindless automata, without any kind of self-awareness or self-governance and since they consider "intelligence" as something "kinda like them" their phrase "intelligent design" really means "design by a bunch of brainless, mindless mechanisms that react on pure stimulus/response basis without any intervening thought or self-direction" which is actually a perfectly accurate description of ... evolution.

Once you understand this, many of the absurd notions of christians suddenly make sense: why do they think that a mindless clump of cells should have "rights"? Because they are mindless clumps of cells themselves and they imagine that everybody else is a mindless clump of cells like they are and thus an embryo should have "rights". It never occurs to them how utterly dehumanizing this stance is to any being that is more than just a clump of cells; how absurd it seems to someone who is self-governed to be told that some undifferentiated bit of tissue's rights trump hers.

Why were the Xtians up in arms about the lifeless, brainless, mindless corpse of Terry Shiavo? Because they're brainless mindless lifeless corpses, that's why.

Since Xtians have no self-governance, they're entirely governed by external forces. And since they proclaim that everybody is like them, they want to impose external forces on everybody. And they hate and despise people who function well without any externally imposed rules. Or who even go so far as to point out the utter idiocy of the silly rules that some primitive shamans made up thousands of years ago to calm the primitives when there was lightning in the night.

Let it sink in, and all the Xtian idiocies, all their lies, all their unending streams of vile insults can all be neatly summed up in these two concepts: they are mindles automata and they think everybody is like them.

If anybody can name one of the utterly absurd insulting follies of christianity (and possibly other religions) that does not neatly condense into this idea, I'd be curious to hear of it. There's already another blog entry forming in my head as I type this that will examine a number of christian crazinesses in this light. Stay tuned...


At 4:50 PM, Blogger Eternity said...

Christians believe there is a spirit in the body of a newly born, that was inserted there by the Supreme Being, to replace, in time and if it behaves as a Christian, an angel (Those who went with Satan.)
Xtians believe there are two entities in a human body : a soul, and a spirit. The soul should be you , the one who wants to buy an ice cream, who want to live in peace or go liberating Irak. The spirit is what I called a Hard Disk, not mingling with the soul, not caring this or that about anything, only recording everything. When a human body collapse, adios muchachos, the spirit went untouched and immaculated to God, who receives it and made it his servant, possibly for ever.
The soul, you and me, goes to the earth, good bye, never to return again as, in other way, cannot return without a body, the same brain, etc., a thing everyone knows .
All fell apart if God didn't exist. The spirit is a fiction of some monk, or better still, a jew somewhere in the beguining of this tale.
Our brains told us there is no supreme being . But could be one being , as far advanced to us, that could be called that (God), somewhere up in the sky, or perhaps at our side, who knows ?
If I could be a god, certainly I will not mingle with humans !!!


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